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FastTrack Analytics

In response to rising demands for our clients we are pleased to announce our new ‘FastTrack analytics’ data analysis and visualisation service.

i -three analytics is an award-winning provider of analytical services and we have a long list of successes with many large and small organisations across the public and private sectors. Using advanced, specialist analytical tools we excel where Excel just won’t cut it.

Quick, and to the point

FastTrack analytics is the quick, efficient and accessible solution for a variety of analytical needs. Our flexible approach is designed to add capacity and specialist expertise to your existing analysts, just when you need it. Provide clarity to help decision makers see the big picture with our insightful visualisations that bring reports and presentations to life. Make quick and responsive decisions based on the evidence.

Quick and Accessible advanced analytics

With prices from as little as £500 our highly competitive hourly rates will help raise the bar in terms of planning or reviewing responses to the current changing and demanding conditions.

If you have data that has not yet ‘told its story’ and could be put to work immediately to improve delivery within budgets please call or email us. We would love to hear from you and rapidly turn your data into valuable insights.

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