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About i-three analytics

Our focus

We work almost exclusively with the UK public sector. We work especially closely with Police and Crime Commissioners, police services, local authorities and central government,

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Our philosophy

analytics for a purpose

We are a hybrid of a traditional consulting business and a social impact company. 

Our values are those of the public sector and our aim and goals are to make an impact.

We've been public sector senior managers and providers throughout our careers so understand the sector and the challenge. 

We take our ethical responsibilities very seriously and aim to be good corporate citizens in all our work and activities.

We see our role as being a trusted partner and a part of the delivery team for those we are working with.


Our history

Established in 2010

We've been supporting our public sector clients since 2010 and have amassed a vast range of experience and expertise. Many of our clients are repeat customers that we enjoy close and trusted relationships with.

Our founding director is a career public service professional with experience in local government, police and national support agencies.

Our people

Public sector first

All our people are public service professionals first and foremost. We have public sector values, experience and first hand knowledge of the issues.

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Reading a Book

Supporting Neurodiversity

We are proud supporters of British Dyslexia Society and Made by Dyslexia

We believe that some views around dyslexia needs to change and that being dyslexic provides a profound and substantial advantage for the type of work we do.

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