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Advanced data science

Evidence based decision making has never been more important. We understand how rising demand, and less funding puts pressure on services like never before.

Our expert analytics and advanced insights can help relieve some of the pressures and recover the ability to deliver with quality.

Predictive analytics

Predictive analytics is the art of risk based targeting. Our analytical models have shown how future behaviours can be predicted, allowing for better management, targeted, specific interventions directed at those linked to the greatest risk.

Water Ripple
Moving People


We believe that forecasting demand is half way to being able to manage it. This can be as simple as uncovering existing patterns but more often we will work in the detail of the data and use some of the best, modern tools that have yet been produced to predict when, where and how much demand is on its way.

Multi-agency data

When organisations work in partnership, the issue of sharing data is never far away. 

Our proven approaches allow blending of data from multiple agencies allowing new understanding of users' needs and places. 

Working at home

Data Construction

We have key strengths in getting the most out of data. Our proven tools streamline compiling, cleaning and extracting the most out of data, allowing it to clearly tell its stories

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