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Procure us through Fortrus

We're very pleased to be confirmed as an approved supplier on the Fortrus UK Public Sector Digital Transformation Framework.

The framework is designed to give public sector organisations the ability to acquire Digital Transformation technology and services without the need for the usual lengthy, costly procurement processes.

i-three analytics has been selected as a key supplier of data analysis and decision support software for Central and Local Government, health and policing.

Public sector organisations can access our award winning services quickly and easily reducing the substantial time and resource needed to access our solutions.

This framework was designed to enable best of breed, agile companies to transact directly with the Public Sector or to be part of a wider solution rolled up into a Managed Service.

For more information on how you can work with i-three analytics through the Fortrus UK Public Sector Digital Transformation Framework contact us

For more details of how Police Digital Services are linked to Fortrus

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