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Shared services are saving costs for Local Authorities, but not all are created equal UPDATED FOR 20

Shared services in Local Government is big news. But who is achieving best results and how are they doing it?

The LGA have published the latest results showing the savings being achieved already.

Location of Local Authority shared services

We have analyzed this data to find who is making savings, what type of shared services give best results and what size of partnerships should be pursued?

This an update  on the figures that the LGA produced last year and our analysis of it. There is clear evidence of continued impact, but more so in some cases than others. For last year’s results please see our 2015 slide pack, contact us or visit the LGA shared services map at For information on training to improve your shared services and collaborative leadership contact our good friends at Shared Service Architects.

We are very grateful to the LGA for providing the data and sense checking the outputs for us.

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